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I had never heard of Gloriana before but when a friend introduced me to your songs I was completely hooked!! Your music is amazing I only wish you could come to the UK for a tour it would be the best day of my life! Your music has meaning and is just mesmerising!! My dream in life is to meet you Gloriana.

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I'm from the Netherlands and studying abroad in America for a semester and someone took me to your concert in Syracuse and I fell in love with your music! I love all the numbers but from the ones that weren't brought out as singles I really like Lead Me on! I think that you could become big in the Netherlands, because the flow is perfect. I'm already telling all my friends back home about you guys and I hope it helps! You deserve to break through big time!

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The song "how far do you wanna go" came with my new blackberry. HOW LUCKY AM I to find out about this band!!! They are awesome and I'm going out to buy their album this week!!

Thanks to my blackberry I have discovered another awesome group!!

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I must say I have never heard of this band. Listened to "wanna Take you Home' and wanted to hear more. Glad now I have listened to every track of their 1st album. I thought here is a band trying to be the next "Little Big Town" but was I so wrong it's almost like listening to 3 different bands. You have country, southern rock, and kick ass rocking. I am blown away with the sound of this band look forward in hearing more stuff and hopefully find out that they will come to Houston Texas soon.

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My favorite tracks are "You Said" and "Lead Me On", too bad that it wasn't released as a single I think it's an amazing track! You should promote your music in Mexico, everybody's gonna love you! Maybe you think that the country music is not popular around here but some other artist like Shania Twain, Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum have released their albums in Latin America, so you should do it too! I can't wait for your new album! by the way... ¡Tom estás guapísimo! I love you!

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I love you guys! :D
I was at one of the taylor swift concerts when you guys were there, I was unfamiliar with your band and i didn't buy your autographed CD's which were being sold at the concert..I later realized that I liked you guys and was really bummed when I had an ordinary CD that was not autographed. I really hope that one day I will be able to meet you guys and see you live again.

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You guys are a beautiful group of people. I saw you live in Australia supporting Taylor Swift in Melbourne and you are beautiful performers. I'm a singer myself. I've got a blue guitar and I write my own songs and you have been able to inspire me with your beautiful voices! I hope one day I can be a support act for you one day and get to change others through music like you do. This album shows some beautiful music that you all can display so well.Cheyenne, you are a wonderful mandolin player, I hope I can play like you some day :)

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Love the album title.

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You all are the greatest people ever! End of discussion! You deserve WAY more recongnition than you have received over the past 3 years! I love you all and can't wait to see what great success comes with the new album! :)

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By the way please come again this year!!!!!

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Your CD is great!!! It's not as good as when I saw you guys in concert at Old Threshers in Mount Pleasant Iowa!!!

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At the age of 53 I am not your typical listener, I did however want to say that your music has touched my heart in varies way. In most of them it is almost as if you have been in my head listening to my thoughts. You see two years ago I met a man that I have fallen in love with deeply but he has been alone all his life never married he also is 53 He lives in Canada and I in Fl we see each other maybe twice a year because we work in the same field however we talk at least once a week and email each other 4 or 5 times every day, I think in the 2 year we may have missed 3 or 4 days without and e-mail. When I heard the Song Wild at Heart I sent it to him in a link and he said that it was our song as it was written about us now I have heard the song Come and Save Me and I have sent him that song. I know that he cares about me but for what ever reason he won't come out and say it or he just eludes to it. I would give up everything I have to be with this man even if it meant to leave the sunshine for the bitter cold. If I could just spend time with him to see why he is so reluctant anyway I did want you to know that your songs have a place in my heart and to thank you for being such a wonderful gift to the world.

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I agree with BRENTGORRIE, If You're Leaving really is a good song and it'd do great on the charts. It has a catchy tune to it and a lot of people would like it. Overall its a great album and yall are a good group. I met yall in panama city beach on new years eve and watched yall perform. Great group

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This album was one of the best country albums of 2009. The songs had meaning, and the singers are great. haha Overall I think it's an album worth buying.

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I love you guys! Make sure you try and make some room in your tour schedule for Dublin,VA again. You guys were, and still are, awesome. :)

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Ultimate favorite song is Wild At Heart. Awesome music guys.

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If You're Leaving is really catchy and should be released and put on the radio! Would probably go far in the charts.

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Wild at Heart is by far my favorite song! Keep up the good work guys!

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Hey guys are a band have a unique sound amazing! I'm from Venezuela and in these parts of the continent, very little is heard country music and the little that is achieved is through the web to listen I hope one day give a short walk around the South American continent ah go ahead.
a special salute to Rachel who has a spectacular view greetings and happy holidays

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lol i've never listened to country,,!!! UR Ma FIRST BEST COUNTRY BAND,,,!!!
Mike Is Awesome
TOm Is Awesome too..!!
LOve rachel voice..!!
ANd cheyenne UR WOOWW..!!

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i love all these songs and you guys!!!! you all should come to the upper peninsula of michigan again!!! i loved your show and you guy's are my absolute favorite band/singers!!! :) hope to see you again! i

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Just heard 'how far do you wanna go' on the radio so though i'd look them up (being a brit I don't see or get country music updates unless I listen to the radio via the internet) having now listened to some more tracks they are fast becoming one of my favourite bands, me thinks I will have to treat my self to the CD if it' available in the UK!

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Rachel has the best voice