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Mike's Picks: "Wild At Heart" Acapella

on 04-27-2012

This week's pick is this awesome acapella rendition if "Wild At Heart!" This is a really cool thing to find online. Thanks for everyone doing these covers. Keep them coming!

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Mike’s Picks - SuperbSigning

on 04-13-2012

This week's pick comes from SuperbSigning.  I like this because this is the first ever vid of someone doing sign language to a Gloriana song. Very cool. Thanks and stay tuned for my next pick!

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Mike’s Pick: March 23rd

on 03-23-2012

Love to see young people playing instruments and singing at the same time. And, as most of you can tell, we love harmony. Great job and keep up those YouTube covers of our new single (Kissed You) Good Night! Stay tuned for next weeks pick! -Mike


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Mike's Pick

on 03-16-2012

This week's pick is Travis VanHoff's cover of our new single (Kissed You) Good Night. I like this because of the couple changes he made to fit his style of playing and singing. It's always cool to hear a musician's own version of a song whether it means changing a couple chords or the vocal melody to make it more of a reflection of themself.

We love seein' these covers of our new single and thank you all for posting your versions on YouTube! Stay tuned for next week's pick.

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Mike's Picks

on 03-08-2012

Hey guys!

Mike here. We have seen a bunch of covers of (Kissed You) Good Night on YouTube and they are awesome! It's so cool that you guys would make a video performing the song and we love watching them, so each week we are going to pick one cover video and post it on our website, Twitter, and Facebook! We know all our fans will love the videos as much as we do, so keep em coming! 

I found this week's pick on YouTube from Lindsay Bruce. Glad you like the song Lindsay! Thanks for the cover! 

Check back next Friday for another Mike's Pick!