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Wanna Take You Home

Wanna Take You Home

Average: 4.4 (8 votes)
Posted by: Gteam
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on 07-20-2011
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Average: 4.4 (8 votes)


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so glad you are all doing so good. Love you all. Miss Cheyenne. She is so pretty and talented but you other three are awesome and you will do just fine. Wish her the best. Tom love your longer hair. sexy and wickedly you're one killer handsome dude and Rachael...just gorgeous.

Nancy's picture

I became a fan after seeing Gloriana perform at Charlevoix, MI Venetian Festival. Glad to see you're still going strong and making great music!

Amy's picture

I just saw Gloriana last night at the Wayne County Fair (Wooster OH) - I was surprised to see that Cheyenne wasn't there. Either way the band did amazing! I had such a good time and I can't wait for the new album to come out! Keep up the good work Gloriana - we love you!!!!

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What i just found out Cheyenne left the band can't believe it? Way to go leaving them stranded like that and the fans.. It could have been planned better. There is no way she will make it solo!\


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Alright! Number 1 on GAC top 20

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tom's new hair style in "wanna take you home with me" is so sexy and this song rock's i love the song and video and i love Tom, Gloria

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love that song