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Gloriana Studio Insider Live Chat TODAY!


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    Gloriana Studio Insider Live Chat TODAY!
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    - December 07, 2010

    The Gloriana Studio Insider live chat is TODAY! The band will be answering questions at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST) in their live video chat right here on (HERE). Get your questions ready!

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on 12-07-2010

The Gloriana Studio Insider live chat is TODAY! The band will be answering questions at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST) in their live video chat right here on (HERE). Get your questions ready!


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Thanks for answering my question love u!!!
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Hi my name is Ed from Springfield, mo.. When will u be passing through my town again? You all was the first concert I've seen & it was awesome!!??? Sure would like to see you again!! What's the hardest and funniest thing you all Had deal with or done as a group and by yourself?? Wait stop I have to say hi to both Cheyenne and Rachel you both can sing so sweet to me and still make heart skip!!! Guys you can hold your own but as a band you all to great to even put into words--- wow--???? Can't wait to see you and chat on video! Sincerely Ed Alcorn
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I know I asked a few questions before but just thought of this one :) What is your favorite Christmas special on TV or DVD? Ever watch "A Muppet Family Christmas"? 'Cause that is the awesomest one, ever.
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My questions: What is your favorite song on the second album so far? What do you miss the most about the long hot summer tour? What was the biggest change you guys had to make on the USO tour for the troops? The year is almost over. What is one thing you are the most thankful about? -Caylee
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Hello, it looks like you guy sure have alot of fun on stage. What is it like to preform in front of thousands and have all those fans wanting to meet you? Russ
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Mike, I sure enjoyed photographing your big blue balls you picked up at the Bowling Party in Kansas City, did you retire them? LOL Tammy
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Cheyenne now that you are married, how many hearts did break on your long hot summer tour? Any stories?
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Hi you guys great singers met in you guys in Wisconsin! What is the most embarassing thing thats ever happened to you? Bye! Regynne pronounced {reegan]
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Any Plans on coming back to Aus? Preferably...Melbourne?
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Cheyenne - Have you set a date for the wedding?
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Do you remember the girl who gave Tom and Rach "tim toms" in Melbourne???
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Where was Chey in the video?
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is there anything specific you would like to do on the release week for your new album? if you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go? what is your favorite food? if you could spend a whole day with a fan what would you do? what was the most memorable small venue show you did this year? what are you looking foward to in 2011? has a fan personally effected you/ inspired you? what are your other hobbies/intrests becides music? whats your favorite store? since your on the road alot and traveling you must have some trick or way of not getting really sick, do you have tips on how to stay relatively healthy? what is your favorite type of shoes? whats your favorite past time while on the bus? whats your favorite movie? favorite book? whats one of your favorite memories while in highschool? did you go to prom when you were in highschool? whats your best friends name?
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When are you guys perfoming in so cal?!
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hi, looking forward eagerly and excitedly! Unfortunately no questions to add to the load ypuve got here... Can't wait! Love you guys!!
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Some artist recut songs from their previous album so that they can release the song as a single with their new album. I just have to say "Lead Me On" is my favorite Gloriana song. Do you have plans of recutting "Lead Me On" into your second album so that you can finally release it as a single?
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How is the pressure/process of recording your second album different from recording your first?
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When are you planning to go back on tour?? Will you be coming back to Connecticut anytime soon? I never got a chance to get my Meet and Greet with you guys from the "How Far Do You Wanna Go" video contest...can I still get one next time you're near me? When are your birthdays? When will your next CD be released?? Saw you 3 times...not enough!! LOVE you! xoxo -Erin
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Hi Guys! I think you guys are amazing! and I have been a fan since you first put out Wild out heart! I had the chance to see you at Rhienbeck Fair it was one of the highlights of my summer! I wanted to ask what are some challanges you face when you are out on the road?? Thanks again for making such great music! I enjoy all of it! cant wait for the next cd!
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Hey Guys! I just found out I might miss part of your chat for my basketball game!! Wish us luck?? And honestly, I asked a question already, but I like this one better :-) What was your favorite song to play on the Long Hot Summer Tour?? I love you guys! -Karina PS: Come back to SC (or NC) Soon :-)
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Would you guys ever consider coming to the beautiful (and cold!) upper peninsula of Michigan again? I had a blast seeing yous, and I'd love to do it again! Also: do you guys read all your fan mail? Cuz I drew an awesome picture of ya'll and I plan on sending it!! Thanks, love, Jillian
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Are you guys touring in 2011? When are you coming back to Canada? P.S. I play a few instruments and Cheyenne inspired me to pick up the Mandolin :)
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What is your favorite song to perform? When was the band "Gloriana" officially created?
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Hello!!! Most memorable fans you have had on your long hot summer tour? Have you heard the song on youtube wrote about Cheyenne Kimball????
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Have you ever got inspired for an outfit from a fan? Do any of you ever wish that you were solo instead of being in band? (lol)
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Hello Amazing People! So I have a couple questions: Why is it everytime I get closer and closer to being able to seeing you in concert something always gets in the way? just wondering and hoping the next time I buy a ticket the concert will actually happen... and Here's my actual question: What thought or saying would you put in a fortune cookie?! Love, Mary
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Have you ever thought about making a xmas cd?
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I miss you guys! How's the sophomore album coming along?
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Do you guys coordinate outfits!?
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Hey guys! I'm so upset that I have physical therapy tomorrow & won't be able to attend :( Bit I’m truly hoping to get out to a show and be included in a meet & greet!! I still think it's the most amazing thing that Cheyenne did what she did for me! xoxo, Keep up the wonderful work! -Mason